Studio Vonne is a small interior design practice run by me Yvonne, an interior designer based now in Wiltshire (previously in Somerset). I’m here to provide you with tips and tricks for your own home or your business. Or if you’re looking for someone to give you more, whether that be some decor advice or a complete design for a whole room, a whole house or a coffee shop, I’m here to help. I have design packages to suit various needs.

I’m one of those people who’s environment can have a massive impact on the way I feel and I know other people feel the same. So, I’m here to help you improve your well-being by focussing on the spaces you spend time in.

Our homes are our safe place, our retreat from the outside world where we can completely be ourselves. In order for us to feel calm, it needs to be a space that functions how we want it to function, it needs to flow and to be practical and it also needs to be to our taste. Focusing on your own style in your home will make you feel better in that space.

In the past I’ve worked with children and teenagers with special educational needs and I’ve worked on interior projects for hospitals and schools. Throughout these years I’ve learned a lot on how we can improve the well-being of people in these spaces through principles such as Biophilic design. Like in commercial buildings bringing natural elements into our homes can help to reduce our stress levels, reduce our blood pressure and heart rates whilst in turn increasing our concentration and productivity levels. I aim to use these principles in subtle but stylish ways to suit your style.

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Commercial Project?

If your thinking of opening a hospitality business and looking for an interior designer, I have experience designing restaurants, coffee shops and commercial kitchens for contract caterers such as Compass, Aramark and Sodexo. I understand that your interior is key to attracting your ideal customers, making sure their journey through your space is efficient. Having an "instagrammable" interior also helps to market your business. To discuss your project please send me an email with your project details and I'll be in touch.
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I'm Yvonne, I have a degree in Interior Architecture and have been working in the design industry since 2007. I've worked on large scale projects as part of a team from hospitals and schools down to small residential projects such as bedrooms and kitchens. I love both clever modern architecture and old industrial buildings. In my spare time I like to go for country walks and also love a bit of motor sport. I'd love to work with you to create your perfect space. If you have any queries please get in touch.
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