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The Beginning – House Makeover & Refurbishment

Dads house is a 1970’s split level terraced house. It is a house full of memories, full of objects and full of my dad’s life. This is a very emotional refurbishment project I’ve taken on but I couldn’t just empty the house and put the For Sale sign up. The thought of just getting rid without dealing with it just fills me with horror. I’ve known this house my whole life. It represents my dad and our relationship. Going through old photos and seeing old bits of furniture just makes me smile with the memories.  I forget dads gone for a split second then get upset when I notice he is missing from his rocking chair in the kitchen.

Family and friends keep asking “Have you finished the house yet?” and in all honesty, I feel like I’ve barely started. The first sixth months I still had a full-time job and everything was done on weekends. I’ve given myself the mission to modernise the house and create a space dad would have been proud of. I’m just sad I couldn’t have done this for him (But I know he didn’t like his stuff being moved…. everything had its place).


 Dad and I

Dad was a massive motorsport fan which had a large impact on my interests. Watching formula one was a standard weekend activity and as a child I’d play with my toy cars in front of the telly. You may find a bit of motorsport in my designs. The artwork, model cars or even just influenced by car branding. Dad wasn’t really into design and the house has remained pretty much the same as when he moved in, in the 1980’s complete with original bathroom and kitchen. All a bit 1970’s which just needs bringing up to date – a task which I have given myself.

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  • Donna

    Brilliant blog ,,love .such memories to look back in and the photos are brilliant. Your dad would be so so proud of you , as he always was I’m sure. . whatever you choose to do in the house the memories will always be before you open the front door .. that walk down that path ..will always be the most memorable .. when the inside changes the memories are still in the walls . And in your HEART …WHERE THEY WILL ALWAYS STAY . X X

    Reply to Donna

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