Hi ya, welcome to my  blog. A blog about the makeover of a 1970’s house, my interest in architecture and interior design and my mission to work for myself.

About Me

I’m Yvonne. An interior designer. After a very difficult year I’ve come to realise life is far too short not to follow your dreams. You should do what makes you happy and do what you love! Lets face it, your job is what you do almost everyday. I’ve decided to follow my dreams of having a creative job and transform spaces. This is going to take a lot of hard work, determination and commitment on my behalf, but watch this space!

I love to discover new products and places and meet new people. My dream however, is to improve peoples lives by transforming spaces to make your lives a bit simpler and make things run more smoothly. Your space should be practical and functional as well as beautiful to avoid those little everyday irritations. Whether it be making sure your work flow in your new coffee shop works smoothly with the positioning of your equipment. Making sure there is a place for everything in your home or your little deli or shop. Hopefully this blog will give you beautiful and functional interior design tips along the way.

I was born in Buckinghamshire and brought up in the Welsh valleys. I had a fab time in Art College, exploring creativity and meeting new people before moving to Cardiff where I studied Interior Architecture. This was a huge learning curve where my love of design and architecture grew and I met some lifelong friends.

With ten years experience working in the design industry, working on architectural projects including hospitals and schools. Most recently I’ve been working in the hospitality sector designing restaurants, commercial kitchens and coffee bars. In the future I’d like to work for myself as an interior designer, However I have a project I need to complete first.

My project is the makeover of my dads house. Dad died in March and I feel concentrating my efforts on his house is a kind of therapy to help me face and deal with losing him whilst being a creative outlet aswell. A place I can show people what I can do. As of the end of December 2017, I left my full time, reliable job and decided to move into the house. I’d like to share this “scary adventure into the unknown,” with you lovely people. My first solo job with the help of a few friends and family

About my style

I love the simplicity of Scandinavian design and in contrast find beauty in the rough and rustic. I like neutral tones with small pops of vibrant colours to make you smile. Why not check out my pinterest page to see what I like? My dream home would definately have to be an old factory or filter house, I love the story, character and the history which can be offered in an old industrial property.  – We can dream, can’t we?

If you’d like to join me, I’d like to share with you some of my favourite places, favourite buildings, my designs and my house progress. Just follow my design blog for more updates.

Thanks for stopping by…