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80’s toys – My Top 10

Toys from the 80’s

As I’m still in destruction and sorting mode rather than making things look pretty mode. I thought I’d share with you some old finds.

I’ve been sifting through my Dads things making the most difficult decisions of what to keep, what’s to be thrown out and what needs to go to the charity shop. Whilst doing this my little den under the stairs was resurrected. It was full of my old toys. Dad didn’t throw anything away.

In my little under stairs den I found some 80’s or 90’s toys of mine which I’d like to share. Maybe if you’re around the same age as me you would have had some of these aswell?

My top 10 toys of the 80’s (which I still have) are:

10 – Hairy Magnetic Face

Hairy Face, Iron Filings

This was a pretty simple toy which consisted basically of a cardboard naked face with a bit of plastic over, full of iron filings. Included was a magnet to create cool facial hair on the naked face. Seems a pretty simple concept but I’m sure it kept me busy for hours. Did you have one? I can only assume you don’t see this in the shops now because giving iron filings to children to play with is probably not “safe?”

9 – Jigsaws

Jigsaw Puzzles

I loved a jigsaw puzzle. I probably haven’t done one for years but I’m sure my favourite was The Little Mermaid – It was my favourite film back in the day.

8 – Stationary & Scrapbooks


I guess not strictly toys but I would spend hours drawing and cutting up bits of paper. But the nice thing is finding these after so many years. Seems I was a little obsessed with cats sitting on mats because lots of cats do that.

7 – McDonalds toys –

McDonalds Toys, retro toys, the hamburglar, ronald McDonald, grimace & Birdie

When I was young I’d stay at Dads every weekend and we’d almost always go to McDonalds so I could have my favourite “bendy chips”. I still have a few of the happy meal toys. I guess everyone remembers Ronald, but do you remember the Hamburglar, Grimace and Birdie? I don’t know what happened to these guys or even if they still exist but here are my McDonald finds.

6- Boot School

Boot School, retro toys, 80's toys

A school in an old boot.

5 -Tomy Turnin Turbo Dashboard

Tomy Turnin Turbo Dashboard, Retro toys, 80's toys

I always wanted to be a rally driver when I was little – a toy to get me started….I lost my way somewhere along the way.

4 – Teddys


I loved teddys. I still have most of these…


3 – Lego

Lego, Lego Technic, Lego System

Everyone loves Lego don’t they? Dad and I built the red racing car together. I always remember building it at my Grandparents house. I was quite shocked when emptying the cupboards at Dads to find this was still in tact, if not just a little dusty. It kind of gave me the idea that maybe some of my final designs should include a little Lego feature. Perhaps in a couple of the finished photos as a little nod to my Dad. See if you can spot any in my final room makeovers. Watch this space!


2 -Remote Controlled Car – Hump Back Monster Beetle

Hump Back Monster Beetle - Remote Controlled Car

Dad built this, but I loved to play with it. The only downfall I remember is that it spent a lot of time on charge and little time playing with it. I always remember Dad buying it in Beatties. Does that place still exist?

1 -Dolls house with Sylvanian Families

This is my favourite because it was made for me by my uncle Mac. For years it was at my Grandparents house and it always reminds me of them. It was a family of Cat Sylvanian Families that lived here who’d adopted a baby rabbit. I’d spend hours rearranging the furniture or creating different set ups. One day it was a doctors surgery, another day it was a vets or a shop. Maybe its time to give this Dolls house a makeover, some designer furniture would look amazing I’m sure.


Do you still have any of your old toys? What is your top 10?








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  • Kirsty

    Aww wow they bring back memories for me too I used to love the shoe school. How lovely your dad kept them all for you. Isn’t it funny how the old toys come back lily had all the sylvanian families for Xmas and she loves them. Treasured memories that will last a lifetime xxxx

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