This post is not a pretty post despite consisting of mainly photographs. This week the house is looking like a right mess. I’ve pulled stuff out of the cupboards, some of the rooms are just packed with homeless furniture and decorating bits and bobs. There is a thick layer of dust in every corner of the house screaming to be cleaned. This is partly the reason why I haven’t shared the bathroom pics yet, that and I just need to do a little siliconing but the thought just fills me with dread.

The sun came out this week and I couldn’t help notice the sun shining through the windows and brightening the mood. This time last year this almost definitely wouldn’t have happened with the giant trees blocking almost all of the light. So, this post really just summarises the house this week in pictures and where the sun has shone through I’ve captured the moment and the pretty shadows. The slight yellow glow is not an issue with my photography, it’s kind of a mix of the magnolia walls, some a little nicotine stained, orange highlights and brown carpet, all to be gone soon. Although this may look like I haven’t done much, quite a lot of progress has been made this week. I had to make up for the week I lost when dog sitting Nova, my brothers seven month old German Shepherd. Not only did she lick fresh paint off my freshly painted architraves, she also thought she’d help paint by using her tail to paint the walls with mud. I’m still finding chewed up bits of her toys amongst the paint cans and bits of woods and I’m still to find the Pigs ear which she buried somewhere (hopefully outside) But I cannot wait to find that beauty!

The kitchen is finally white! Hooray! I changed the brand of stain blocker and It’s made a massive difference. It no longer looks like a giant pot of tea has exploded in here.  The little loo has now been painted a lovely shade of grey – awaiting tiling to be done. I did have to vacate this room pretty sharpish as a giant spider appeared from nowhere and there was only room for one of us – the spider won. The replacement doors have arrived (someone call me a carpenter I need help). I successfully replaced a ceiling rose with lamp holder to a shiny white one. (I definitely do not want to become an electrician – I don’t know how many times I had to check the coloured wires positioning before I was brave enough to put the electric back on. My messy hair has nothing to do with the result of this.) I did pretty much manage to kill my plant though, I got back to find a thick layer of fur over it and a lot of dead bits – I’m hoping I can save this (fingers crossed)

Next Week the plasterers are in. They shall hopefully reinstate the house as a four bedroom by dividing the largest bedroom back into two, reinstating the old doorway and smoothing over the glorious artex swirls. No one needs a house that looks like a cake! I feel once they have been the house will come together a little more quickly. The biggest task after that is making the garden look presentable.