A Small Bedroom Makeover

This is the Before Pics (Once again I’ve already started painting. Painting all the magnolia walls in white to brighten the whole room up – As you can see the windows and radiators have been changed – Note the awful mess the guys changing the radiators made – Black all up the walls and all over the floor. Aaarrrgghhh!!

This room is always the room I stayed in when I came to visit Dad. It’s had this mural since I was tiny. We always said I’d redecorate it one day but I thought it wouldn’t be like this 🙁


The aim for this room is to just make it look a little more grown up and simplify it – at the end of the day I’m going to have to let go of the house and sell up so I want it to be fairly easy on the eye. Simple and using objects and furniture I already have. I’m just going to paint the bed frame, Bring the large chest of drawers up from the living room and use curtains and a rug we already have at home.


The Plan –

Bedroom Mood Board - Inky greys, bues pinks and black

I want it to feel cosy and grown up -I’m looking forward to seeing everything come together.