Home Improvement this week


If you have no interest in seeing pictures of walls in various states of repair then look away now! This post may bore you to tears or at least your eyes may glaze over and you may start planning what you’re going to eat next.

This week we have made quite a bit of progress on the house. The once three bedroom house has now been reinstated as a four bedroom – WOOHOO! Yes, I may be the only person to be super excited by this. I was probably far more excited than I should be to have smooth walls from the front door to the upstairs landing. The swirls made a last appearance to taunt me before changing to a lovely shade of pinky brown. So, with the browny coloured walls and brown carpet the place is looking lovely (almost as if the 70’s was back).

This week’s home improvement pics mainly consists of the building of the partition walls, knocking through the wall to make a doorway and also smoothing over the Artex.  Bye bye artex, you shall not be missed!

We put the laminate flooring down in the little bedroom and a few paint jobs in the kitchen were completed. One of which was inside the cupboard which even bored me so there are no pics of this – Lucky you! Whilst writing this post I was reminded of when my stepdad used to make us watch his holiday videos. They mainly consisted of filming lamp posts! Haha (Sorry Pete) It’s my turn for the boring pics now!


Once the plaster has had time to dry, I shall be painting it all white to help bounce the light around. This should transform the landing into a bright and airy space. The extra doorway may also help to bring light in from another angle to help brighten it further. The ruined carpets stained with black radiator water and now embellished with splatterings of plaster are eager to be replaced. I can’t actually wait to see the back of them. I expect next week they will be covered in paint as well. Now I feel like we are getting somewhere and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.