Daytrip to Lacock

Over the last few months I’ve been “doing up” my dad’s house and have pretty much moved in during the process. However, I do lack Wifi and a TV. (Almost considered crazy these days). I’ve started to realise that I appreciate other things. A sunny day is amazing and I’ve started to become fascinated by the way light shines through the trees and casts moving shadows on the interior walls. I’ve also realised that having plants just boosts my mood, it just makes the spaces feel more alive and probably gives me something else to distract myself from, instead of staring at the walls to literally watch paint dry.
This weekend I thought I’d let the plaster dry and have a little weekend away from the dust and paint splatters and enjoy the sun. We had a little day trip to Lacock. Lacock is a beautiful little village that looks as though it’s lost in time, cute little historic cottages stitched together. You can immediately see why it’s a popular filming location for films like Harry Potter and programmes like Downton Abbey. It’s The home of the Fox Talbot Museum which celebrates the progression of photography and set in the grounds of Lacock Abbey and country house. Which seemed like a good place to practice using my camera properly.

I’ve taken some pictures, (trying to improve on my photography skills) mainly obsessing over light, textures and plants but I thought I’d share some…

archway, lacock, studio vonne

wisteria, Lacock, studio vonne

textures, walls, studio vonne

Lacock, bakery, studio Vonne

tithe barn, Lacock, Studio Vonne

wall and plant, studio Vonne

garden, studio Vonne

leaves and light, Studio Vonne

Greenhouse, Lacock, Studio Vonne

Flowers, Studio Vonne

Shadows, plant shadows, Studio Vonne

Lacock, Studio Vonne

Window light, Lacock, Studio Vonne

light, Studio Vonne

Lacock Abbey, Studio Vonne

Lacock Abbey, Studio Vonne

Lacock Abbey, Studio Vonne

Shadows, Lacock, Studio Vonne

Ivy, tree, Studio Vonne

Bark, tree, Studio Vonne

Leaves, Studio Vonne

Wall teture, Studio Vonne

Old Door, Studio Vonne

old door, Studio Vonne

light, window, Studio Vonne

Window, Light, Studio Vonne

pretty door, Studio Vonne

Door, Studio Vonne

hidden winsow, Studio Vonne

Fence, Studio Vonne

old cameras, fox talbot museum

Photo negative, fox talbot museum

Fox talbot Museum, photography, colour


Visit Lacock here