New Carpet

I know it has been a while since I updated you with some pics. But, to be quite honest an extra coat of paint on this wall and more coats of paint on that skirting board wouldn’t have made much difference to what I was sharing. You probably would have thought…. she’s done nothing since last time. Keep your crappy pictures to yourself. The last month has been hectic. My deadline was beginning of June as that was the beginning of wedding season and the time my helper would be far too busy to help me out. So a lot of my time has been spent wedding prepping (buying an outfit I find extremely difficult) and travelling from one wedding to another with coats of paint in between. From Kent to Dorset. Therefore, my deadline has gone completely out of the window.

I’m happy to share that this week the guys came to lay down some carpet. Unfortunately, they arrived with too little carpet so I’m still waiting to move all the furniture from downstairs into their rightful homes. So, the living room is being delayed as its still choc-a-bloc with beds, chest of drawers and mattresses. It’s the last room to be painted though so I feel we have progress. At every point within this refurb I’ve noticed that something has gone wrong at each and every point. From bathroom fitters disappearing with their work colleagues equipment, to plasterers being ill. Now, a carpet shortage. I’m thinking maybe I’m doing something to manifest chaos of some sort at each stage so I’m on the case and working on my mindset to manifest everything running smoothly. Let’s get rid of these negative thoughts!

I also did a bit of first time tiling and laying the floor in the little WC but completely forgot to take pics of this.

So here are the latest pics, pretty much the same as last time but with added carpet! Arn’t you just so excited?!

And just a little reminder it used to look like this.

The swirls and brown carpet have been banished to just a memory and pictures.