More House Updates….No I haven’t finished yet!

It has taken me quite a lot longer to get to this point than I had thought it would when I first started. The sheer number of things I’ve been through, boxes and bags of things. It has taken me as much time to sort as it has to decorate. Do you know how many walls are in your house? Well, I hadn’t really thought about it until recently. How many walls do I need to paint?! About 40 it turns out if you include the inside of cupboards (which I have painted) That includes on average I’d say about three coats on each plus skirting boards and architraves. So, as you can imagine, just painting walls has taken me a pretty long time to do. But, I’ve gone all white everywhere but the downstairs loo just to make things easier and brighter. This week I managed to start painting the final room in the house – the living room. A pretty large room too. And with the help of David last weekend we even managed to get a laminate flooring down.

Last night whilst on my own I had an issue…. a pretty big spider. I can usually deal with the odd one but this one I was convinced I could hear it’s footsteps. This resulted in me abandoning my pint glass which I thought would catch him and calling on the next door neighbour for help. The lady next-door Margaret probably thought I was mad, but she came armed with her Tupperware to help me out.

Unfortunately I’m still waiting for the carpet in the bedroom and on the stairs to be finished but as soon as that is done the house will almost be done. I can get on with the fun part – The styling. It’s going to be a bit of a test as I’m trying to make the place look beautiful whilst still using the old furniture. Although lovely solid wood, it is a bit dated for my taste. I just need to pick my finishes wisely so it all works.

I’ve also been leant a wide-angle lens for my camera so hopefully it will help show the rooms a little better and fingers crossed all these progress pics will help to improve my photography skills.

Now this weekend we have another wedding to enjoy and the birth of my niece is happening any time soon so I shall be a bit distracted for a bit.

Heres a few pictures from this week’s efforts…. Please excuse the mess….I’m still sorting through the boxes and still have a few finishing touches to do.


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