This is the double bedroom, Don’t worry Dad didn’t live with walls like this. This is the wonderful colour we found after we stripped the wallpaper off of the walls.

and once we painted the walls white, everything (apart from the radiator) looked so much better.



I propose to make this room a little tribute to Dad. I’ll use some of his old rally memorabilia and the colours in this to stage the room a bit. I’ve found some pretty cool rally plates, an old service car sticker and I bought myself the poster of the film that we used to watch together. It’s been quite difficult trying to use his existing stuff and make a coherant space but I’m going to give it a good go. It’s so nice choosing furniture from scratch because you get to chose what style you want. This however is a much bigger challenge. But, thats what I like and actually old furnture does add a little bit of charm and history to a space.