Before – When two become one

This room was originally two rooms and quite a few years ago one of the doors was plastered over and one of the walls removed to make one huge bedroom. We thought it was best to put it back to how it was originally and reinstate one large double bedroom and one small single. Here are the before pics… I painstakingly peeled the wallpaper off. (I made the mistake of using the wallpaper stripper… which just seemed to melt the wallpaper onto the walls – absolute nightmare. Why was the wallpaper like a spongy foam? It revealed where the original wall used to be. So the plan was just to put it in the same place. We thought about moving it to make the small bedroom bigger. But, this comprimised the larger bedroom and just didn’t really seem to make sense after a lot of mind changing.

There isn’t really much of a plan for the single room, except to prove that a single bed does fit. The double bedroom however, needs to sell the house I think… as the main bedroom. Another difficult task as we are having a new bed (which we’ll keep and use here in the meantime) But essentially needs to also work with the existing wardrobe (pictured) and an existing dresser, which happens to be made from a different colour wood to the wardrobe.


So, the aim is to make the bedroom look something like this. We already own the artwork, bed and wooden wardrobe, so bringing in brass accessories to match the wardrobe and dresser handles and joining them with the black metal of the sidetables to match the bed should bring it all together.

Bedroom MoodBoard, green & gold. Black & white

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