If you want a little reminder of the Kitchen Before.

The kitchen was a tough one as I have quite a simple taste. I like a little minimalism. However, the budget was tiny. We looked at DIY kitchens and IKEA but this was still quite a lot once we added all the little bits together. We finally went with a company in the town which has since disappeared unfortunately. It was known as an ECO kitchen which had vinyl covered doors in Fjord – a greeny grey blue colour depending on the light. It seems to vary at different times of the day. I tried to be minimal but in a way that hopefully wouldn’t put off potential new buyers when the time came to sell up. If I was designing for myself I probably would have scrapped the top cupboards and put up shelving but I know this probably would have been a bit too different for the kind of buyers in the area. It still has Blum hinges and runners so still a nice quality. No banging doors here, lovely soft closers and no rocking handles that make a racket.  So here it is:

I did however spend slightly more on the worktops. I wanted to experiment with the Fenix that I’d recently heard such good things about.

Worktops & Splashback- Fenix in white – The fenix material is beautifully soft. Its easy to clean with the cleaning kit it comes with and actually just buying those magic erasers removes any stubborn marks. So, after six months it is still stain free. The main issue is aesthetically, as with all white laminate worktops the joins are very obvious. Also, the PVC edge is not great near the sink as we have managed to let a little water in which has been quite a disappointment. I think the fenix would be lovely on a table top but maybe not the best on a worktop. If you have a larger budget solid surface or granite would definitely be the better options.

The flooring was from Bunnings….this has also now gone out of business….But has now been taken over by homebase who have the same flooring (wow it’s surprising this kitchen even happened!!)

The induction hob and oven are NewWorld

The kitchen table is actually an IKEA desk….it was only £30

The chairs are our own.

The pendant light was by Moijnmoijn. I just saw it and loved it so I bought it to keep for years to come.


There are a few more kitchen pics if you click on the link.