Restaurant Design

Are you about to set out on a journey to design your own restaurant coffee shop or cafe? If so, maybe I can help. Like when designing your home to reflect yourself and your own personality – your restaurant needs a personality too… Not all coffee shops need to be brown! So, before you embark on designing, make sure you have your branding sorted. Who are your ideal customers and how do you want your space to FEEL! The feel and atmosphere you create is so important. Below are a few examples of how your choice of furniture and fittings can create a certain feel.

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The above mood board is simple and quite minimal. It creates quite a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. No fuss, suitable for the minimalists of the world who like clean airy spaces with no clutter. To some it maybe a little stark but the use of warm wood tones and tan accents can help warm it up.

The mood board below is cosier. Using worn woods and patterned tiles and a dark wall colour. The finishes seem to have an aged appeal which gives a sense that it’s been there for some time. It evokes a homlier feel.

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The last mood board is an example of a vibrant, busy and bold design. The addition of neon lighting and bright coloured wallpaper and furniture gives it a more playful feel. It is likely to appeal to a younger customer.

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In your restaurant design your choice of finishes and furniture is important to create the FEEL you want in your space. Why not try and create your own mood board? Think of flooring, wall finishes, counter finishes, furniture and fabrics, lighting and even menu boards as a starting point. Think of how you want your space to feel and brainstorm finishes and textures that you associate with that feeling.

This is just a little guide to help with the look and feel but remember your space needs to work aswell. Planning your layout is very important too. For more help contact me via the contact page.


Moodboard1 Images: Menu Board; Native Coffee Co. Via Unsplash, Chair; TON, Table; Pedrali. Pendant Light; Nordlux,

Moodboard2 Images: Menu Board; Kelly McCrimmon via Unsplash,  Chair & Table; Andy Thornton, Pendant Light; Industville, Tiles; Zoco home

Moodboard 3 Images: Wallpaper; Cole & Son, Table; Pedrali, Pendant Light; Muuto, Tiles; Mercury Mosaics, Chair; Protocol

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