My style may be a little unique…. I have a few specific styles all rolled into one.

Growing up I always admired the “urban” kind of styling. The raw outdoor materials of concrete and brick and I enjoyed the whole skateboarding culture with the bold graphical elements and graffiti. However, I couldn’t skateboard myself so don’t ask me to try it – it will result in an injury! I remember engaging in skateboard design for my Art GCSE projects and had classmates pulling some shapes on a skateboard (Sorry James!). I delved into the graphical elements and remember researching extreme sports brands and designers like David Carson.

This admiration of graphics continued… during my uni days I lived with some fine artists and a ceramicist and my interest in art, ceramics and photography developed further.

I then relocated to Bristol which had quite an arts culture and is home to the graffiti festival “upfest.”  Now this bold graphical style completely contrasts my minimalistic side. I admire elegantly simple design and really have a fondness for the clean, uncomplicated Scandinavian style. I find it evokes a sense of calmness and peace. I also love to watch a Nordic Noir thriller as the whole visual aesthetic, alluring atmosphere and picturesque landscapes suck me in. It also means I spend a lot of time absorbing the cinematography as well as the plot line.

On top of both of these completely different styles I like automotive influences. Growing up my dad was a rally mechanic so motorsport was always on the telly and there was always come kind of car artefact – a car sticker or number plate adorning the walls or a socket set on the side – probably why I love a knurled brass handle or a buster and punch pendant light. 

I hope it doesn’t sound too chaotic- I can make it work.

And, If I forgot to mention it, I’m an interior designer – I have a degree in Interior Architecture and I specialise in hospitality design. So here I’ll share with you some advice if you are designing your own space, and a mixture of interiors and architecture I appreciate.

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