House Progress

The Sold sign is up and with this weekend came the realisation that I actually will have to move out of the house sometime in the near future, providing the sale goes to plan. This means emptying the house and the dreaded garage. Difficult when it’s full of old school Vauxhall Chevette

It turned out to be quite a warming experience after the initial dreads I had. I managed to find an old boat that dad and I had made when I was small. Literally 3 bits of wood and a sail made from an old coat hanger and some masking tape. But, to me it was the amazing memories that came with it. I remember sanding the wood and dad attaching the string to it so we could sail it in the fountain a short walk away.

We also came across some old tins….. Whats not to love….

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The retro graphics I find so charming and the little tin of engine guard just seemed so cute

I find that I really do love some old school retro graphics – especially all the automotive signs.

All images by Yvonne Nelson