I thought spring had arrived when we spent a few days enjoying the sun…. I was fooled. The weather took a shady turn enveloping us in grey clouds and damp air. With the grey skies outside I’ve been searching through the design magazines and websites admiring anything terracotta. An attempt to trick my mind into thinking its a lot warmer than it actually is. I’ve been loving terracotta lately and I’m thinking I need a terracotta pair of wide leg trousers. Any recommendations? Anyway…

As a big fan of lighting I thought I’d share with you my favourite terracotta pendant lights I’ve spotted recently. If I can persuade the Mr, I may even get one to look beautiful over our dining table. This may be just a dream though as our house is in the midst of a declutter whilst we get rid of some of our unwanted stuff and try and minimalize. Neither of us do well with clutter. You wouldn’t believe the number of tip runs, charity shop donations we’ve done alongside the most freezing car boot sale – Not a highlight of my life but it had to be done.

Muuto Unfold Pendant light.
Image credit: Muuto
Collar Lamp
Image Credit: Gubi

So here are a few of my favourites:

Terracotta lights pendant lights, rust, brick

1 .Bloomingville Pendant Ceiling Lamp – Stoneware in Rose Peach Terracotta, £99 via Trouva

2. Nick Fraser Spot Pendant £105, Kobi & Teal – If you’re ever in Frome, Somerset this shop is a must visit. There’s some gorgeous designs and artwork for the home.

3. Gubi Collar Pendant Light, £352, Nest.co.uk This also comes in some neutral colours. 

4. Materia Ceramic Cup lampshade, £79, Creative Cables 

5. Flame Pendant Light, by P O T T £233 via Clippings.com

6. Lloyd Leather Light from Moxon London £185. This sophisticated looking pendant light also comes in a classic black

7. Pleat box 24, €522, Nedgis Theres a series of these beauties in various sizes and shapes

8. Terracotta Bowl, €165, Nedgis

9. Hübsch Large Terracotta Ceiling Light £189, Printer + Tailor there is a possibility that the terracotta one is unavailable but there’s a gorgeous white and a blue one too

10. Muuto Unfold Pendant, £140, Rume.co.uk This pendant light comes in an array of colours to suit your interior whatever the colourscheme

If you know of any others you think I should be sharing I’d love for you to share.

Featured image Muuto Unfold Pendant. Image Credit Muuto

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