Dining Room

A small dining room scheme today. Inspired by the appearing autumn colours. How lovely is the golden glow of the autumn sun?! Here I’ve used the gold in brass, burnt orange mixed with a bit of black like the silhouette of the trees in the concept image. What do you think? 

Mood Board for a warm stylish dining room
  1. Habitat – Kade mirror
  2.  Cult Furniture – Parton Half Sphere Pendant Light
  3. Cult Furniture – Gabrien Large Sideboard
  4. Cult Furniture – Heather Dining Chair, Velvet Upholstered, Burnt Orange with Black Legs
  5. Cuckooland – Bold Monkey Hypnotising Round Dining Table In Gold 

For your very own more in depth scheme complete with furniture layout, lighting suggestions, d├ęcor finishes and styling items please contact me on Yvonne@studiovonne.com – Or for further details have a look at the services page