This was my first time visiting Decorex  – having always worked for others I wasn’t always offered the opportunity to visit interior design trade shows like this without having to take holiday. My trip this year was great because not only did I see some beautiful furniture, fittings and lighting and met some lovely suppliers but I also met a few wonderful designers who I’d been on my Interior design business course with. 

I found the show to be inspiring and always great to keep up with new products and trends. However, perhaps it was very oriented towards traditional styling which perhaps isn’t where my style fits. However, amongst the traditional I did find some beautifully contemporary style products. So, I wanted to share what my favourites from decorex were.

My top 5 favourites from decorex international 2019


 I love a wall and floor finish. A finish I loved was the gorgeous end-grain collection by Forêt. A stunning flooring which – if you’re like me- you’ll want to stroke. The complexity of this product is reflected in the price but would be a classy finish to any wall or floor. And remember – natural finishes such as wood have a positive impact on our well-being.

Image credit : Foret end-grain collection
Image credit: Foret end-grain collection


Having worked in commercial interior design for a number of years I’m always on the look out for new finishes – whether they are for a restaurant counter or maybe used as a beautiful bedhead or feature wall. This year my favourite finish was the velveteen collection by Arté International. Never did I think I wanted padded walls until I came across their beautiful 3D wallpapers. These will add a luxurious feel to any room and have a number of different patterns and colours to suit your own particular style. Have a look at their website for more details. The trouble is stroking your walls may be frowned upon but, impossible not to do when you see these wall finishes up close.

Image credit: Arte International
Image credit: Arte International


 My favourite furniture pieces were some extremely elegant tables by Tom Faulkner which you could get made bespoke to suit your own requirements and not made too far away from me – In Wiltshire. You could choose your own frame finish with your preferred top. These pieces of furniture were like a piece of art themselves and suitable in almost any location from your loft apartment to your stately home.

Image credit: Tom Faulkner
Image credit: Tom Faulkner
Image credit: Tom Faulkner


My favourite artwork at decorex  2019, were some monochrome pieces by the wonderful Joanna Ham. They were photogram screen prints which she manipulated and redrew to create some gorgeous pieces. Each flower piece symbolic of different emotions. I’m thinking they’d look charming on my white walls at home

Decorex 2019 - Joanna Ham
Image credit: Joanna Ham


 Not surprisingly my favourite was lighting (It almost always is). My favourite pendant lights at decorex were by Coralie Beauchamp. They were made from fibreglass and covered with a carbon weave and kind of reminded me of some sexy underwear like fish-net stockings with leather zips. Although they were very unusual, They would look right at home in an edgy clothes shop or contemporary home. If you missed the show check out her beautiful lighting on her website

Decorex 2019 - coralie beauchamp
Image credit: Yvonne Nelson

There were lots more wonderful furniture, finishes and lighting  at decorex 2019 but these were my top 5 – although it was close. Maybe I can share some more at a later date.

Thanks for reading.