I am a bit of a geek when it comes to architecture and interior design. I absolutely love it when I see something that I think is inspiring and I’m always on the look out for places I can visit – even better if it has a cool cafe design! On the weekend we took a trip to the Lake District. So, while we were there we had to visit the new Windermere Jetty Museum designed by Carmody Groarke .

Architecture, building framing the landscape
Exhibition design
Architecture dock

The museum of boats, steam and stories as it’s described looks as though it is made of a cluster of small buildings with views across to the lake. As you approach the front desk on arrival you are already intrigued by views out to the dock. The interior throughout is clad in strips of wood as though echoing the boat building of the past. As you walk further through the exhibition it gives you views out to the next space. We were impressed by the huge glass doors, which were obviously used to get the boats in and out, but create beautiful views from front to back showcasing the lake behind. I really did appreciate the simplicity of the building from the industrial style structure but with the hidden gutters to create a crisp silhouette. The overhanging roofs framed views of the lake whilst also exhibiting boats outside.

The Cafe

We can never visit these places without sampling the hot chocolate. I also like a little sneak peak of how the cafe is designed. The cafe was simple and effective. Set in a line, the food is all showcased to one side with built in chillers and display next to a long monolithic counter. The counter a slate colour which really picks up on the colours of the surrounding landscapes. I love it when an interior is so in tune with it’s external surroundings. It really shows it belongs.

Cafe counter
Cafe counter
Cafe seating
All images Credit: David Yeates

I can’t wait to show you some of the projects I have coming up…