Some people believe that hiring an interior designer is a materialistic indulgence for the rich and famous, employed to make their homes look pretty.

This is not true at all. Times have changed and there is an interior designer out there for you. Interior designers can be employed for consultations to help you out with a few colour schemes, concept designs to help you get a style together and a whole redesign or refurbishment for your home or your business whether that be a cafe, office or salon.

What is Interior design then?

Interior design is about creating a space that enhances the way we live and the way we work. It is about “US” and creating an environment that has a positive impact on our well-being. Making a space look pretty is only a fraction of what interior design is about.

Just think about it… Have you ever been in a space where you really dislike the wallpaper or worked in a space that just didn’t flow right? Things felt as if they were in the wrong place, making your life more difficult. Or just being in that space gave you a headache….How did that woodchip on the walls and that bin you kept falling over make you feel?. Those irritations are what we aim to avoid. Interior design is about solving the problems.

Why would you hire an interior designer?

They can enhance the way you live

By analysing your space an interior designer is able to rearrange your space so you can get the most out of the space you have. They look at your journey through the space, how you use it and what you need. By analysing they are able to understand the best flow, spatial relationships and possible storage solutions you’ll need. A space that flows can save you time to do the things you want to do.

They understand your style

A good interior designer will be great at understanding your style. They’ll want to understand how you live, what you like and what you don’t like to come up with the perfect scheme for you. Having an environment that is “you” will make you feel more at home, therefore more relaxed and happier. Designing a space in one go will also create a cohesive look.

They understand how your space can impact on your health

Today, there is more and more information available to understand how we react to certain materials and patterns. There is a term “Biophilic Design” which is basically how influences from nature can help to improve our well-being and reduce our stress levels. Therefore, using these influences within design can have lasting positive impacts. From adding natural materials like wood or accessorising the space with plants, all help contribute to enhance our well-being.

They can save you money

You may think hiring an interior designer is an unnecessary expense but they can help you to save money. They can help you avoid costly mistakes by making sure everything in your scheme fits and has a place. They can create 3D visualisations of your space or create mood boards so you know what you are getting before your order key bits of furniture – This is so you have time to make sure you truly love it before you buy it. They can create tender and construction drawings for you so you can send these to local trades for costing up. They can also get trade discounts on things like furniture and accessories so if you buy your furniture through them, they can relay some of that discount onto you.

They understand the importance of durability. In some cases buying the cheapest worktop is just false economy as it won’t last half as long as a more expensive but more durable option. And probably won’t look as nice. They know where to save money and where to splash out to keep your project looking smart.

They can save you time

An interior designer has a vast knowledge of finishes, furniture and fittings and knows where to search for your perfect pendant light. They keep up to date with the latest furniture releases. This will save you time looking for hours on the internet and browsing the interior stores. They also spend time researching the lead times, prices and measurements to make sure everything fits to your timeline, budget and space so you don’t have to. They also have access to suppliers that the general public doesn’t.

They create an experience not just a look

An interior should evoke a feeling inside you. Whether it be a calm cosy space, or a fun vibrant space. This experience is more than just decoration. It is how it feels, the ambience, the tactility of the materials and textures. It’s about how it smells – Think about going into your favourite interior stores or your favourite bar or restaurant – It’s all about the atmosphere. A great interior should make you smile!

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