I officially started my business in September 2019. It was quite a big step for me, having never had a business before. It’s also brought me out of my comfort zone. Having always been sat in an office and never really been customer facing for a number of years. My time was always completely focused on coming up with new designs and creating material that allowed the project leaders to “sell” the designs to their clients. But now it is so different.

Not only am I designer but I’m also a business owner. So far, I’ve found marketing myself the most difficult thing because it’s just not built into me. So, every time I go networking or meeting with fellow business owners and designers it is a complete step out of my comfort zone. But I can already see that I’m becoming someone I’d rather be and actually people are quite lovely.

It seems odd, as a kid you’re told “don’t speak to strangers” then when you’re in business “talk to strangers” is the thing you MUST do!

One thing I have struggled to portray is…


It’s an odd one because I do love lots of different styles. When designing an interior, I always take into consideration the clients tastes and wants or their brand style if it’s a commercial interior. But I also make sure to consider the original building because marrying the two aspects will always make for a more beautiful interior.

I haven’t yet owned a house that I can adapt and redesign to suit me which is why I feel like I haven’t fully expressed my style to you. So, I’ve decided to work on this blog a little more. I want to show you things I like and things I love so you can get to know me a little better. If you don’t like everything I like – don’t worry. Everyone has different tastes. Part of being an interior designer is the ability to design to someone else’s taste and actually working on commercial interiors in the past has helped a lot with this.

So, a bit about what I love….

I have always loved old buildings with character and have always wanted to adapt an old industrial building to live in. My first memory of admiring a building was as a child when I was walking alongside the Grand Union Canal – I was with my family walking the dog. At the opposite side of the canal was some beautifully detailed warehouse buildings in a dark brick and it was from that moment I realised I loved architecture. I just wanted to go inside.

My love continued which led me to study Interior Architecture in Cardiff. And now I’d love to design my own bit of Interior architecture to live in. If you know of anyone near Bath selling an old warehouse or factory for cheap let me know!

When it comes to Interiors though I love simplicity and value natural materials. I’ve always been attracted to furniture in natural materials before I understood the significance it had on our well-being. I like the contrast of elegant furniture in contrast to the industrial architecture. I’ve always admired the Scandinavians for their classic designs.

And if a building is new, I believe you can add character with beautiful detailing and finishes. The mood board above reflects a lot of what I want to show

I also appreciate classic cars. In particular rally cars. This was a big influence from my dad who was a rally mechanic in the 80’s. He worked with the famous guys… Stig Blomqvist and Hannu Mikkola. So not only is it the detail of the cars themselves I like but also the artwork and stickers all over the cars. The graphics adds to the nostalgia. I think the influences of the urban outdoors will always light me up. Good graffiti and graphics has always inspired me. 

This is just a little snippet of things I have a fondness for so I welcome you to follow my blog where I will share more….