As a lot of us are staying safe at home, have you been creative and created your own artwork or have you been watching a bit of TV? As much as I’d love to get back into art I find watching TV and films ideal for escapism at the moment. It’s a bit like living in a film in itself right now don’t you think? I find film inspiring as I love all the artistry that goes into making a TV show or film. From the story, costumes, set design, CGI, acting and cinematography, the score and all of those hidden jobs that it encompasses. I think a bit like an interior or piece of Architecture it all takes a team to bring it all together and at the end of it it’s about making people feel a certain way or tell someones story.

Last night I watched “The Aeronauts,” about a pioneering meteorologist James Glaisher and a balloon pilot Amelia Rennes. Anyway, I wasn’t going to do a film review but it reminded me of some artwork I’d seen last year which I’ve shared on my Instagram page but not on my blog so I thought I’d do a little blog post on artwork.

What artwork should you have in your home?

For me, I think you should have artwork that you really love. Whether that’s artwork you’ve bought or created yourself. Being surrounded by items and art that make you smile or make you feel inspired can really lift your mood. Recently I worked with a lovely lady who really knows what she loves and her home is full of beautiful arts and crafts artwork and pieces from the French revolution. You can really see her personality and interests in her home and it really is wonderful to see. We all need to embrace what we love more and not to hold back. 

For my own home I love calming, earthy interiors which are quite minimal but still has character and charm in material, details and furniture. However,despite my love of things minimal and simple, when it comes to art, I like artwork that packs a punch or evokes a bit of mood. I like atmospheric paintings, graphic, typography posters and do love a bit of architectural and engineering inspired illustrations.

I wanted to share a few artists that have inspired me recently… “The Aeronauts” reminded me of the intricate artwork of Daniel Agdag which we saw displayed at Messums Museum in Wiltshire in June last year. If I had the patience, I’d love to make my own cardboard sculptures (But I don’t – I know this from my uni days when we used to do model-making). Maybe Daniel Agdag will inspire you to create your own sculptures or animation while your at home!? 

I feel his work has a bit of a steampunk vibe which I tend to be drawn to. I am fascinated by Victorian industrial architecture and the detail they put into their buildings, the detail in these sculptures is fascinating!

Dan Hillier

Again being inspired by the TV, (I don’t watch TV all day I promise). I remember watching “Requiem” and saw the artwork for the opening credits. This got me into research mode where I found Peter Anderson Studio who also did those arty opening scenes for programmes like “Dr Foster” and “Sherlock.” The opening for “Requiem” was in Collaboration with artist Dan Hillier. His artwork reminds me of mythical Victorian illustrations but it’s the kind of art I could spend hours looking at and noticing different things. 

Recently, I’ve been trying to improve my photography skills and in looking for inspiration I came across JOSHUA K. JACKSON.  @Joshjack on instagram. I enjoy that his photographs are quite moody and punchy with an element of mystery. 

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In contrast to the above, The artwork of Zaria Forman is on my wish list. Photograph like pastel drawings of remote landscapes. I love the atmosphere she creates and that you can somehow feel the stillness in her work. I feel they are quiet when I look at them.

These are just a few of my favourites but as I’m always looking for inspiration I’m sure this will evolve and I’ll add to my ever growing “want” list. 

It also gives a few ideas to create your own art while your at home, from sculptures you can make with card, to collages, paintings and even try out some photography, however, this will mainly be reduced to indoor photography at the moment.

What’s your favourite artwork or artist? Do you own your very own piece? I will say if you do see something you love and can afford “buy it.” Not only will it bring you joy, you can also take it with you if you decide to move home in the future. Artwork doesn’t need to match your interior but it’s likely if you love your interior and the artwork they will compliment each other nicely.

If you need help with your interior or just a little help understanding your style. Please get in touch to see how I can help you get the most out of your interior so it reflects your personality and the things that you love and inspire you.