We’re starting with the room we’ll call the green room. It started out quite dark with green mottled wallpaper, brown carpet and two wall lights that barely lit the ceiling. So the first thing was to get rid of the wallpaper. Paint the walls – we’ve just gone straight for a brilliant white paint to begin with. I think the whole designing of the room will have to wait until a later date. 

One of the biggest choices I had to make for the room was which lights to get. We don’t have the budget for any changes to the electrical or lighting layout at the moment so I wanted to keep the lights in the same position. They’d suit over a bed. 

The requirements for the lights were: they need to be able to light the whole room, not just up light the wall and ceiling. So I think either naked bulbs or a glass or opal shade. I also wanted the light source to be a little lower than they are currently so perhaps a light that hangs down. Our current bed has a black frame so maybe black to match the bed. 

After a lot of looking I came up with a few options below.

Wall light options for the bedroom
  1. Dowsing & Reynolds   Ritz wall light
  2. Cox & Cox  Elodie Wall Light (affiliate link)
  3. Made.com Siren Wall Light (affiliate link)
  4. Spark & Bell “Bold as Brass” Wall Light with Opal Glass Shade
  5. Creative Cables Fermaluce Metal wall light with bent extension and pendant lamp holder
  6. Dowsing & Reynolds  Fender Wall Light
  7. Ikea FRIHULT wall light
  8. Lights.co.uk Gama Wall Light (affiliate link)
  9. Nordic Nest Molecular Wall Lamp by House Doctor

In the end we went for the more industrial look of option 6 – the Dowsing and Reynolds Fender lamp as this seemed to have the most adjustability. They look great and light up the room. However I think all the lamps above would have looked great too.

Now it’s just a case of getting the rest of the room up to scratch.